Entry #2

12 Styles Challenge

2018-02-25 12:03:55 by TheWosk

What is this 2015?

Well, it does not matter, I was left with the desire to do this challenge, and I finally finished it

Now what will I do with my life?




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2018-02-25 12:45:12

Nice + Congrats.

what will you do with your life you ask - Ans: LEVEL UP

TheWosk responds:

But my life isn´t a rpg :´(

Give an idea, too draw something diferent, plox


2018-02-25 13:23:29

you are on NG + an artist, ur life is an RPG: Infact an LARP to be more precise :) - Just click the Stats button on ur persona page.

As for ideas - make an epic movie poster using the same 12 styles or pimp a beetle (the vehicle) to look more like the beetle (insect)

TheWosk responds:

Hey, you're right, i like more the second idea, I will try THANKS!